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Our interest and appreciation for good wine inspired us to devote a large area of our shop to a carefully curated collection of wines.  With over 700 labels, you’ll discover vintages and labels we have personally selected to accommodate your palette.  With wines from France, Spain, Italy, the California and Oregon Coast, as well as local West Virginia vintners, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, chances are we can find it. 




We take pride in being the regions wine expert.  We can stock your private cellar, arrange for wine tastings, ands help you decide what you like.

We also carry an extensive selection of upscale craft beers and ciders, including those from our local brewery, Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company. 


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Riesling wine is typically on the sweeter side, but there is also a dry Riesling for those who look for a crisper taste.   Riesling wine is a great match with spicy foods like Indian or Asian cuisine.  Serve it cold, about 43 ºF, to enjoy it at it’s best!




A sweet, aromatic wine, Gewürztraminer is a higher alcohol wine that is similar to Moscato.  Best served cold, Gewürztraminer is a wonderful wine served with zesty dishes like Thai, Moroccan, or Asian since the slight sweet will help tame the heat!



One of the most popular wines we carry is Chardonnay.  We suggest enjoying Chardonnay with creamy, buttery flavors and textures and keep the spice intensity low.  This is a wine perfect with crab cakes or lobster, or maybe a pork tenderloin! Ask us about Chardonnay-it’s a favorite at Roberts!



Sauvignon blanc

As white wine goes, the refreshing crispness of Sauvignon blanc is hard to beat.  Serve it chilled.. 45–49°F.  (Did you know that the lighter the wine in color and style the colder it should be served to maintain its acidity and freshness?)

With high levels of acidity and low amounts of sugar, Sauvignon blanc is a dry white wine, best paired with cheese, oysters, herbal, briny sauces, and delicate fish like sole.  




We love the rich, full flavor of Syrah.  Depending on where the Syrah grapes are grown, Syrah can be light or full–bodied.  A light bodied Syrah uses grapes grown in a cooler climate and is a perfect pairing with lamb.   Syrah grapes grown in a warmer climate are richer and offer a sweet tannin finish.  Serve full-bodied Syrah at 64°F and pair it with slow roasted BBQ pork!  Delicious!




In French, Merlot means Little Black Bird and is the second most popular red grape in America (right after Cabernet sauvignon).  Some people suggest that Merlot has a plumy taste with notes of chocolate.  Merlot is typically a very smooth and easy-to-drink wine, and because of its medium tannin and lower acidity, you can enjoy Merlot with a wide variety of dishes… from chicken to lightly spiced dark meats.


Cabernet sauvignon

While Cabernet sauvignon originated in France, it is now produced in every major winemaking region in the world.  At Roberts, we carry a distinctive selection of Cabernet sauvignon.  A full-bodied red wine, serve Cabernet at room temperature 60–68°F and let it decant for about an hour.  Serve Cabernet sauvignon with rich grilled meats, peppery sauces and dishes with bold flavor!



Pinot noir

Pinot noir is made with some of the oldest grapes in the world. This immensely popular light–bodied red wine is best served at cellar temperature (55–60°F) and allowed to decant for 30 minutes. Pinot noir is very versatile given its lower tannin and higher acidity, and it pairs beautifully with chicken, pork, and duck.